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The Best EPOS Solution for Your Hospitality Business- Phomello Hospitality

The basic requirement of the hospitality business is a management system that is designed to meet key business demands and provide the profitable growth for the business

Phomello Hospitality, is designed for small restaurants to large restaurant chains, entertainment Amusement parks, Heath clubs, Saloons, food courts and companies with multiple brand chains. Phomello can efficiently support, manage and improve productivity while reducing maintenance and service cost.

The System operator can easily activate perpetual inventory features in Restaurant POS. Phomello makes it easy for restaurants to automate and manage inventory levels, activate Multi-Warehouse features, Multi Company/Brand/locations, Multi-Currency, Transaction in/ out / User privileges, Stock Items , Stock IN / OUT, Wastage Management, Recipe Management, Stock Movement , Menu Engineering, Table Management, Cash management Various Sales Reports ,User Controls, POS Setup, Multiple Warehouse & Showrooms, Customer / Loyalty Management etc.

POS system is preferable for Kitchen Display System (KDS) for easy order processing in a very less time. Phomello is one of the leading hospitality solution provider in India, Kuwait and UAE.


Family Entertainment

Family Entertainment Center

Presenting some of the sleekest Tap-To-Play game readers. All the readers of Phomello have been built to operate on wireless network, so you can get rid of cables and move around freely saving your time and energy.

Theme Park

Theme Park

Debit card or cashless payment to Self service Kiosk has never been so efficient. Phomello hospitality provides complete hardware & software for Games Amusement parks. Integrate POS and cloud back office helps customer to manage and expand business quickly.


Health Clubs

Makeover your Salon POS with Phomello Hospitality Salon and Spas Point of Sale System! From appointment scheduling to confirmation reminders with email messaging. Phomello Hospitality Salon and Spa POS is tailored to dress up your business with the latest features and integrated access controls for various spa services.



Manage any event flawlessly with Phomello Hospitality solution. Get access to complete debit card / payless solution with Restaurant pos including DineIN, Table management & KDS –modules.



POS System

Phomello point-of-sale is suitable for restaurants, fast food, home delivery, bars, night clubs and other hospitality business. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes Phomello a great system for your needs.


Recipe Management

Recipe management can be a daunting task for any restaurant. Efficiently manage your recipe with Phomello recipe management module which comprises advanced features for mapping relevant ingredients and utilizing different unit of measurements.


Table Management

Designing Table layout has never been so easy. With Phomello easy table management , user can create number of layouts for many locations and settings like Dine IN, Pool Side, Roof Top etc.


Menu Engineering

Customize the look and feel of POS screen Layout, with the panel of recipe Item , Recipe Categories on button size , Font and color with reparative icon.



Phomello can solve your unique inventory control, point of sale, accounting and customer management needs with advanced system solutions.


Barcode Support

Phomello allows you to print and scan bar coded tags for all your inventory items. To print tags from within the program, it is the item number that is used to create the bar code.


Kitchen Display

Phomello KDS makes every second count with a rich, customizable and actionable information. Staff can monitor screens to obtain all the information they need to sequence, make and close orders and prevent lost orders.


Dispatch System

Phomello also support delivery on call, with its Dispatch System. Organize Orders and assigned to multiple driver/ operator for Home Delivery.


Food Costing

Phomello tracks each recipe and link it with the ingredient, which was used for preparing the dish. Phomello Food Costing feature provides the total Cost of the Recipe by calculating the price of ingredients.


Call Center

Phomello Enterprise comes with Call Center module, with this customers can place their orders to the Restaurant Call Center, and get the food delivered to desired address by Phomello Dispatch System.


Waiter & Sales Queue System

Customer waiting time and queues are an arithmetic certainty of hospitality industry. Even on regular days when the order demand builds up, queues are bound to occur. Provide your customers a delightful experience by avoiding long queue.


Restaurant Management

Phomello Restaurant Management is helping restaurant operators to manage their inventory and optimize their profits. Know all you inventory usages and stock levels instantly!


Report Customization

The Report Customization feature allows you to update report templates and user can make additional edits in report templates i.e. layout, location of text etc. User can customize entire report to update custom report templates as per restaurant requirements.


Order Dispatch Tracking

Order Dispatch Tracking system is designed to trace the on-way order which is being delivered by restaurant driver or delivery man to the customer. Track the order using Google map integrated in Phomello.


Order Taking System

Phomello can solve your problem which arises when multiple orders are placed at the same time. By order taking system make the process efficient by integrating it to the phomello KDS system.


Users & Roles

Effectively manage staff, from stylists to aestheticism, manicurists to masseuses, with personalized roles for employees and PIN-dependent permissions to access different features.