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Strategies your Success with POS

Posted by PHP Developer December 5, 2018, 7:19 am

Today’s fast-changing market is forcing Phomello POS into a revolutionary transformation in the following areas:–

1. to build POS brand value "Efficiency"

2. to re-engineer

3. to innovate

4. to move into the new area of opportunity in e-commerce

POS has plenty of room to reinvent and improve itself by offering new services while continuing to capitalize on its mass user base (28 million).

The transformation challenges include:–

1. Customer-driven

2. IT to focus

3. Funding the transformation

4. Labour force migration to the new function

5. Talent management

6. Strategic collaboration with competitors

7. Strategic collaboration with alliance

In order to achieve this enormously ambitious goal, Phomello modified itself in three major aspects:–

1. Right Structure

2. Service-oriented operational excellence

3. Right Culture of efficient, trust and integrity

4. Right Team of excellence to provide best customer support

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Most user-friendly + cost-friendly POS software for a small restaurant

Posted by PHP Developer December 5, 2018, 7:17 am

A number of POS Software services providers are available in across worldwide. But a critical moment is Choosing the right POS software based on your business needs and on other side, it is pocket-friendly also. All these things create a base for a search for POS software which can fulfill all features. Phomello Cloud Restaurant POS and Phomello LitePOS Software are the best ERP software services providers (Leading customized POS software, retail software, inventory management Software, &Import & Export software providers) in India. Phomello is offering POS – GST ready with advanced features for SMEs. The POS can be customized for any business irrespective of size and industry. We provide cloud-based POS software at affordable prices to multi-chain restaurants, grocery stores, wholesale and retail clothing stores, footwear wholesaler and retailers, supermarket chains, bookstores, fast food chain, boutiques, etc

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