Reasons You Should Choose GST Enabled POS Billing System

LiteposBenefits of GST Enabled POS Billing System-

Efficient:  Create bills seamlessly for your customers and process your sales quickly and efficiently. Phomello LitePOS makes it easy to manage your customers and billing them during the rush hours. Serve more customers in less time with Phomello LitePOS billing.

Easy to use & learn: Costly training for staff is not required. It is simple, intuitive and user friendly.

Flexible: You can enter any number and combinations of items/ destinations/ particulars along with discounts, taxes, users and vendor or customer contacts in few clicks.

GST Enabled: Customized taxes on individual items and orders make Phomello LitePOS perfect solution for GST billing and reporting.

Mobile Friendly: Install and run the mobile friendly application on major mobile platforms i.e. iOS and android.

Automatic: Apply automatic discounts or special price levels to specific customers.

SecureIt is modern, safe and secure. You can track and checks transactions to prevent errors by your staff or vendors. It allows you to have greater control over what happens at the sales counter.

Customer Oriented: Customer satisfaction and retention is of utmost importance for any business. Store customer contacts , email receipts and rewards your best customers with personalized offers.

Versatile: Email, create pdf files or print sales receipt, price quotes and account invoices.  Keep a check on your expenditures, payments and receivables. Easily re-edit or re-print the receipt and mail them to your customers or manager. All you want is now just a click away.

Generate Reports: Manage all aspect of the your business digitally. Phomello LitePOS does everything for you. Simply check the reports for automatically calculated profit margins, tax and transaction counts. Save time and make informed decisions.

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