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About Us

Phomello- Designed for Your Business

Phomello is designed to provide your business with a complete POS solution, saving you time and money by automating and merging all your POS transactions with your accounting software. Phomello sets the industry standard in accounting software integration and drastically reduces extra-work, giving you more time to focus on growth of your business.

Whether you are in the market for Retail POS Software or Restaurant POS Software, Phomello Point of Sale offers you the best Return On Investment. Our POS Software is easy to learn and gives you the control you need to run your business efficiently.

Imagine your company with improved sale, workforce speed, inventory management control and heightened user-login security to help you take your business to the next level.

Phomello POS (Point of Sale)

With comprehensive reports, mobile ordering, credit card swipe and multiple terminals all working in sync, Phomello is much more than an Application, it is a smart, complete solution to fulfill point of sale needs of small restaurants and multi-national chains alike.

Get started quickly with Menu Templates, offering customizable starter menus for specific industries: salons, spas, studios, wine bars, cafes, and retail stores. Finally, a Point of Sale tailored for your own unique business needs.

Phomello point-of-sale is suitable for restaurants, fast food, home delivery, bars, night clubs and other operations. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes Phomello a great system for your needs. We help you achieve simplicity & accuracy in restaurant management.

Restaurant or Bar managers can easily manage menu items, inventory, indent, new orders, delivery and also reservations with Phomello POS software.

Restaurant POS Software can be valuable tool to assist business owners with their growing business needs. As a restaurant entrepreneur, the Phomello POS Restaurant Software is designed to help specifically with your ever changing business needs.