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Most user-friendly + cost-friendly POS software for a small restaurant

Posted by PHP Developer December 5, 2018, 7:17 am

Top 5 POS Software Features

  1. Clear visibility of the supply chain, inbound and outbound flow of products.
  2. It provides cloud-based access so you can easily manage your business via the internet from anywhere, anytime.
  3. Pos system modules allow you to control all sales & return operations, products bundling, promotion discounts, sale transactions, CRM, inventory management, customer credit card information privacy, labor working hours and shift management.
  4. Customizable on-screen tab order for efficient data entry
  5. Increase high speed and flexible workflow.

There is another product with name Phomello LitePOS

Phomello LitePOS is the perfect solution for faster billing and customer service. Phomello LitePOS is indispensable in today’s retail and hospitality sectors. It is efficient, easy to use and versatile. Developed by Pegasus, a pioneer company producing POS systems for a wide variety of sectors and applications since past decade, Phomello LitePOS is sure to make operating your business easier.

From the small local restaurant to café’s, saloons and spa, from the local taxi service to an international travel agency, no matter what your business is, with Phomello LitePOS app you can have smart POS experience at your fingertips to simplify your day to day billing activities.

Phomello LitePOS app provides a smart and intuitive invoicing solution. Instant tokens, fast billing, staff management, customized taxes on individual items (perfect POS solution for GST) and discount creation, all this can be easily accomplished with one system. LitePOS mobile-friendly application is available on both the major mobile platforms i.e. iOS and Android. The LitePOS app also supports all major types of printers.

Phomello LitePOS is available in two versions i.e. stand-alone and cloud. The cloud version makes it easy to create a backup and store the data.

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